Monday, August 15, 2011

Upstate y'all!

The weekend before last was spent in Upstate with the fam. I don't often go unless there is skiing involved, so it was a rare treat for me to spend some time enjoying nature and learning about the family's new side venture (still in the works, but exciting!) Of course we made a bbq while there, and we got to enjoy some fresh peaches that were picked at a local farm and were sweet and delicious. On the grill they went with some sugar sprinkled on top (I know- adding sweet to something sweet but the grill just emphasizes the sweetness and it brings back memories of years of Upstate trips, grilling)...some local corn on the cob went down on the grill next, and special thanks to J for suggesting a neat trick for enjoying summer corn (read further.) And no trip Upstate would be complete without a tour of the honey factory. If you know my family, you know my dad is an amateur honey cultivator- a "honeybee hobbyist" as we like to call him. We'll be launching a new business soon- check out our front page: It's fun and has been a major learning experience for everyone who has come across his path! But now, on to the food!

Grilled ears of corn
1 ear, washed, still in its silk, partially opened
several pats of butter
aluminum foil to wrap
small amount of water

Very simple: place butter on top of corn, place corn in aluminum foil, sprinkle some water (to steam) and wrap in foil. Place on grill for ~20 minutes. So good!

We also grilled veggies and peaches. A simple, healthy and delicious meal.

Some beautiful nature shots a la J:

Roman Bees! 

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